About Quakers

Actions speak louder than words

We place a special value on truth, equality, simplicity and peace.

These values lead Quakers to translate their faith into action by working locally and globally for social justice, to support peacemakers and care for the environment

How do Quakers worship?

We have plain Meeting Houses with no decorations and no ecclesiastical vestments, altars or pulpits, or set liturgy.

We have no Creed or paid priests.

Sometimes the Meeting is silent for the hour, but a lot may still be going on.

Anyone may feel the inspiration - the breath of God - to speak, but this comes as a compulsion not as a prepared talk.

Some prefer to use the words "light" "spirit" or "presence" instead of "God"

What do Quakers believe?

Even though we have no set creeds, we would agree that there is that of God in everyone which we seek to discern in each other and in ourselves

Quakerism is rooted in Christianity, but Quakers try to accept light from wherever it may come; there is continuing revelation.